Dickson Acrylic Canvas H.D Fabric range is the awning and marine cover fabric of choice when it comes to long-term protection against the Australian elements. Its solution-dyed Sunacryl acrylic fibres and special Clean Gard outdoor awning treatment gives it exceptional long-term colour fastness and superior resistance to tearing, water damage and dirt.

The fabrics draw on every aspect of Dickson’s longstanding expertise and production equipment. Their lively tones are harmonised with material effects in bright reds, sunny yellows and natural greens. Whether you’re looking to create bold contrasts or two-toned harmonies, the Dickson Acrylic Canvas H.D Fabric range offers infinite possibilities to play a truly pivotal role in outdoor decorating and design.

The surface of the Sunacryl fibre has been modified to give it more body and improve its insulating capabilities than its competitors, making the fabric more “closed “and thus harder to penetrate so you can enjoy better U.V protection. The Dickson Acrylic Canvas H.D Fabric is kept under tension during treatment and set at high temperatures, which strengthens its ability to maintain its original shape and size in high tension situations.

When used in a tensile sling application such as for slings for Directors and Squatters chairs, this highly U.V treated Fabric lasts and lasts in our extreme Australian climate. Designed to be used in situations where point to point contact is needed with tensile strength, Sunbrella Awning and marine fabrics are designed as a structural awning and canopy material.

We are able to offer this fabric optimised in conjunction with advanced sling design to suit certain chair coverings such as Directors or Squatters chair slings. Being Highly U.V stabilised, this product excels when used in Marine, Awning, Umbrella, External screening applications and Slings for Outdoor furniture.

We also sell the fabric per meter – please enquire with meterage needed and your contact details for availability and a delivered quotation.

Available Width 120cm

Highly Treated U.V Resistant
Solution Dyed
Resistant to Abrasion
Water Repellent
Mildew, Rot and Moisture Resistant
Dimensional Stability
3 Year Warranty