The first manufacturing style is our Sewn Cushion Range: – “Sewn” being the more conventional use of sewing machines and special Outdoor U.V Resistant thread that stitches fabrics together and allows us to manufacture cushions using all types and mediums of Outdoor fabrics such as Outdoor Acrylic Canvas, PP Olefins, Marinester, Marine Vinyls and Pvc Outdoor Furniture Mesh – Sewing allows us to make Outdoor Cushions and Outdoor BeanBags to any shape, design, thickness and style desired and also allows us to offer replacement covers for existing cushions.

Styles of Outdoor cushions we offer are Boxed, Border, Bound, Piped, Front Roll and Scatter.

Styles of Outdoor Beanbags we offer are Chair, Double Chair, Sunlounge, Double Sunlounge, Cylinder, Pillow, Ottoman and Conventional Hexagonal – in both Acrylic Canvas and Outdoor Furniture Mesh. Sewing also allows us to make replacement slings for outdoor furniture such as Slip Slings for Aluminium chairs using

Outdoor Furniture Sling Mesh and replacement slings for Timber Directors chairs using tensile Acrylic Canvas.



The second manufacturing style is our R.F/H.F Welded Range: – “Welded” being the use of a large R.F welding machine that uses high-frequency sound vibrations to bond Pvc Outdoor Furniture Mesh together – this processes produces a cushion that is seamed around the perimeter of the cushion and if the design of the cushions requires fold points or buttons, these are also welded into the cushion with the infill all at the same time – welding uses specialised tooling that is made to exacting specifications that ensures all cushions are exactly the same size and shape, this means the sizes of cushions available are restricted to the tooling sizes, the cushions are restricted to the use of only Outdoor Furniture Mesh and the style restricted to the choice of a unbound edge (raw seamed ) or a Bound Edge (seamed edge covered with a Binding) but does away the need for stitching and therefore eliminates a good part of the labour costs associated with the manufacturing process of a cushion, so the end result is a much cheaper product – a fantastic option for replacement cushions for Pvc Tube, Aluminium and Timber Outdoor chairs and sunlounges provided the size of the cushion fits the frame.

Styles of Welded Outdoor Cushions we offer are Sunlounges, Chairs, Seat pads and Bench Seats. Welding using specific tooling also allows us to manufacture a type of Sling designed for Pvc Outdoor Furniture both new (Pride Classic and Pride H.D Commercial ranges) and for replacement slings of existing Pvc furniture – at Leisure Cushions we hold the tooling for the majority of Pvc Furniture that has ever been manufactured in Australia and if for any reason we don’t have the exact tooling (there have been many thousands of designs of this type of furniture made over the last 40 years) we have a process that allows us to make welded slings to any shape of sample sling supplied.