Nardi designs and manufactures top quality designer outdoor furnishings for various settings and styles, providing well-being and relaxation for its customers thanks to products that are guaranteed 100% Made in Italy.

The company is run by its founders Giampietro Nardi (chairman) and Maria Grazia Mecenero and their daughters (CEO) Floriana and Anna Nardi. The company is controlled entirely by the Nardi family.

Materials used: Polypropylene, a thermoplastic resin, is of the highest quality and combined with other materials such as aluminium, synthetic fabric, padded upholstery and glass, playing the starring role in Nardi collections, which also stand out for the extensive range of colours available as standard. The company’s know-how and constant technological upgrade along with the artful hand of its designer Raffaello Galiotto contribute to the creation every year of tables, chairs, armchairs, stools and much more; collections for the garden and the professional sector that turn into genuine sophisticated open-air lounges, the perfect blend of styling impact and functionality.

Product characteristics of Nardi furniture
The success of the collections is down to a blend of design, which entails constant research and technological innovation, and
intrinsic product characteristics: – the top-quality resin is batch-dyed and anti-UV treated, which means the product colours remain unchanged, perfectly bright and full even if they are exposed to atmospheric agents and saline environments for prolonged periods of time.

Our manufactured products are light-weight, easy to clean, non-toxic, anti-static. All Nardi products are 100% recyclable. The local-sourcing based production chain allows perfect control over the quality of every product. Nardi also focuses on customer service, provided by means of logistics and marketing assistance, in delivery planning, in the availability of stocks, in after-sales services and in direct relations between manufacturers and their customers.

Aquamarine Folding Chair

Aria Chair

Net Chair

Net Relax Chair

Bit Armless Chair

Net Bench

Bora Armchair

Bora Armless Chair

Erica Range

Faro Mini Bar Chair

Lido Bar Chair

Ninfea Chair

Ninfea Relax

Palma Chair

Ponza Chair

Salina Pos Folding Chair

Aria Square

Aria Rectangular





Loto Relax Tables

Loto 1900 Tables

Loto 1700 Tables

Loto 1200 Tables




Rio 210 Table

Rio 140 Table





Atlantico without Arms

Atlantico with Arms